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Bullet Philosophy
Our mission is to provide safe and enriching child care, emphasizing learning through play, within our centre's unique park setting.

Program Objectives
  1. To provide a flexible and varied program to meet the needs of each individual child and to gratify the natural curiosity inherent in all children so that each will develop to his/her potential emotionally, physically, socially, creatively, and intellectually.
  2. To provide an atmosphere of appreciation for the difference in people by promoting a healthy social interaction between the children and between the children and staff, by encouraging expression of feelings and sense of responsibility toward the well being of others.
  3. To provide freedom for each child: freedom to be oneself, to explore, to investigate, to take responsibility for one’s own actions and to make mistakes without the label of failure.
  4. To guide and support the children in all the endeavors in order to help them develop a positive self-concept and a positive feeling towards their world.
Last Update: April 4, 2011